Need help with error 1326 when installing software


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I am getting this when trying to install a program: Microsoft Installer Error: 1326 It has to do with having permission to create a file. I can't find any help on getting around it. I have taken ownership of files and folders. I am running as administrator. I have run the install as administrator. The problem started with trying to reinstall my antivirus program. Now it is prevalent on several programs when I try to install them. The last update I got from TurboTax wouldn't install. Now I can't even run the program. I have to get this fixed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Did the installation of the anti-virus program fail or have trouble? You may want to attempt to bring the anti-virus software back or do a System Restore back to a time before these errors started. Chances are there are some remnants of the AV software running on your system causing conflicts.


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I went through all the hoops to get rid of the antivirus failure and anything it left behind. Used their special uninstall, used jv16power tools to clean registry, also used CCleaner.

Windows Installer Error 1326 - GetLastError - refers to error getting file security.

1. Are there any files left by the software that you've been trying to install ? If so, then verify that the account you are using to perform the installation as well as the SYSTEM account have at least "change" access to those files.

(those files' properties > security > permissions)

2. Try Use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

3. Reinstall Windows Installer 4.5


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Thanks for your suggestions

Thanks for your help, but sol far nothing works.

If this is a Windows permission error, i can only think of the windows installer cleanup tool which cybercore mentioned, but it really depends on a system recovery.
That's all I can think of right now since system restore doesn't work and windows installer is messed up.
Wait, I just got an idea.
Search the internet for TuneUp Utilities
Download and run the program
under performance, click fix issues
dig around; there should be something about fixing Windows Installer.
I am in no way affiliated with TuneUp Utilities.

NOTE: System Recovery should be used as a LAST resort to fix your problems.
it wipes all of your information off the hard drive.


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Thanks for the input. I tried Tuneup Utilities and couldn't find anything to fix my problem.

Well, other than that i would say full system recovery... but if you can live w/o the installer, i would leave as is


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Thanks for the input. I tried Tuneup Utilities and couldn't find anything to fix my problem.
I had the same problem I fixed it by going to C:\ProgramData then deleting the BOINC file then ran the installer again and it fixed it. Hope that helps!

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