Need suggestions

Hello, I am looking to upgrade and I need some advice.

I'm currently considering purchasing Windows Vista Ultimate (Full) version, It doesn't say 32 or 64 Bit though on the box or details.

If I go with Vista x64 I'm ready for the future, but 75% of my games and applications
won't run on it.

If I go with Vista x32 alot of my stuff will work, but in terms of gaming I don't get to see the
cool DX10 64Bit effects over the 32Bit effects.

I need to know - Which version would be best for gaming and video authoring

I cannot afford to spend $399.00 for Vista 32
Another $399.00 for Vista 64 after the drivers and apps are more supported.

Am I also correct in my understanding that an upgrade version limits - 1 Reinstall Only, while a full version is unlimited reinstalls?

Here is my current OS Specs:
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo
2x 1GB Corsair 6400C4 4- 4- 4-12 Ram Timings
2x ATI 1950XTX in Crossfire Mode - Vista 32/64 Drivers Available
1x XFI-Extreme Music w/ Klipsch 5.1 Gamer System - Vista 32/64 Drivers Available
1x Marvell Gigabit Lan Yukon 88E8053 Ethernet Card - Vista 32/64 Drivers Available

My primary PC uses:
-VirtualDub Xvid 1.1.2 *.avi video authoring and Vorbis OGG/AC3 5.1
-Games that I normally (F.E.A.R./Need For Speed Series/Far Cry/Splinter Cell/SWAT/Falcon 4 FF3 & SP42/SWAT Series/Rainbow Six Series/Half-Life Series/
Dark Messiah/Doom Series)
-C++ Programming



it'll work

All of your 32-bit apps will run on the 64-bit os. Your 32-bit apps just aren't made to take advantage of the increased bit space. No worries, the performance will be identical.

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