Need to secure PDF docs

KM Richards

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OK, so sometime I want to print a PDF doc where nobody can makes changes to it, insert stuff in to it, or extract the info from it.

In other words, all I want therm to be able to do is print it and that's it...

On my secondary XP machine, I was using a program by Software602 that allowed me to do this... but, in order to upgrade for my new Win 7 machine I'd have to pay $119 so I'd like to see if there is a free (or low cost) PDF printing program out there that would allow me to do this with PDF docs.

Any leads on something like this?

Hello KM,

I'm assuming you're using MS Office/Word, correct?

You can download and install this; Download OpenOffice: Free Office Suite Replacement for Microsoft Office

Create your doc in MS Word, then open the file in Open Office Writer and use the Export to PDF option, which has all those neat security options.
I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to work, I've only ever used Open Office, so I may have missed a step or 2.
Bottom line is, Open Office has the security options you're looking for and it is free.

Hope this helps


KM Richards

Honorable Member
I was able to figure out how to do this with my new copy of Nitro PDF so I can now setup PDF docs were they can be printed only, which I understand may be possible for people to bypass if they can figure out how. I just did not want it to be easy for them to do.

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