.net framework 3.5 on vista problem

hi, when trying to install vs2008 on vista it installed .net framework 3.5 but it didnt install properly i dont think so i want to uninstall and install again using the program download from microsoft.

however when i try to uninstall .net framework 3.5 it crashes and says:

"suite integration toolkit has stopped working" then it closes.

so does any1 know how to get rid of this dodgy version of .net framework 3.5?????????

many thanks :)


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Hi!! Have you seen the Web Post "Aaron Stebner's Weblog: Automated clean-up tool to remove the .net???? It covers 3.5 and he has an e-mail, which I would definitely use before using his tool. blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2006/05/30/611355.aspx :)



I had the same install error when putting .Net 3.5 on a vista machine. The result was that all userids on the machine lost authority to do anything (couldn't even open Notepad).

Luckily, I could still log on in Safe Mode and use System Restore to back out to a previous restore point.


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Hi! That's interesting..... I wonder why he doesn't mention anything like that? He apparently has full or at least partial use of his computer. It crashed and then came back....What's better ? Tool or Restore ?

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