Harry Kessell

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So with the release of windows 10 i tried to update my computer to allow me to get the free upgrade (didnt happen) I ended up with an error in windows update of "code 900070643" I have tried everything on the micorsoft support website and even had the support team take remote control of my computer and they coudn't get it to work so i guess this is somewhat of a last ditch effort. At some point during the troubleshooting it involved removing microsofts versions of net framework and reinstalling them, however after removing them the installation of all versions of net framework run into a "fatal error during installation". I have even gone to the extent of trying to completely reformat my computer and boot from a brand new version of windows from my disk. I also ran into an issue here which stated "windows can not configure one or more system components.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as quite frankly my brain is fried!
Thank you!