Network Adapter Disconnect When Removing another USB device

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by velveteen71, May 5, 2010.

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    I've been looking for a solution for this everywhere and cannot find one. It's driving me nuts.

    Essentially: I have a wireless usb network adapter. Whenever I connect another usb device (usually my camera or smartphone) and then remove it again (doesn't matter if I use "safely remove" or not) I lose my internet connection and the only option I have is to go into control panel and disable and then enable the network adapter.

    I have an older 3.4 ghz IMB intellistation m pro.

    Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Thanks!
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    USB Controller

    It's almost definitely the USB controller on your old PC. Here's what I recommend. Do you have a front port and back? The front-side USB is usually installed on the case as a chip and connected into a separate USB controller than the other one on the mainboard. Usually. So you probably have 2 USB controllers on-board if this is the case.

    You need to keep the wireless USB device on its own USB controller.

    Also, if you have an Intel-based motherboard try the Intel INF Update drivers:

    (Intel Chipset Software Utility)

    What this does is update all relevant motherboard drivers, including the USB controller most of the time. The only catch is that your board has to be supported. If its not, nothing will happen. But it's worth a try:


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