Windows 7 Network connection XP to Windows7 timesout or unstable


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May 9, 2009
connection xp to windows 7 times out ???

I've multiple xp machines trying to connect to windows 7
from windows 7 i can connect to vita and xp no problems so far
from the XP machines I can now see vista and XP machine
I can access vista shares no problem
access using workgroup

Every so often i can see the windows 7 machine, and browse to my shares and access the windows 7 machine
and then everything stops ..... access denied ....

It should not be firewall ( Vista gets in and out)
it should not be the anti virus avast
from xp I can ping the machine seeing it in view workgroup does not seem relevant since I think that information is cached in xp ...

All machines have the same workgroup, TCP-IP setting -area 10.0.0.*
all machines have the same user and that user has same pw and is enabled for all shares individual and file access....
Ping works for all machines
internet works for all machines

Any idea ??? the fact I get connected without any problem every once and a wile bothers me a lot ....
as it takes days and a lot of fiddeling around to get it up again ....

any idea's I'm sruggling with the problem for days and lost a few XP machines ( reinstall..) but no success at all
nothing stable
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