Network messages stuck above systray


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This has been happening recently every time I boot up.
Sometimes its "Not connected - No connections are available" or it can be "Network Internet access" when it is connected.

It goes when I double click the network icon but that isn't really a solution as it shouldn't get stuck there in the first place, any idea what causes the problem?



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I don't know on yours. I've noticed on my 10 pc that I use the most my Logitech webcam software since it was installed messes up my internet connection, even though I have my webcam removed from running until I open it. I don't have internet at startup for like up to a minutes.
Logitech has no newer updates for the webcam software they give everyone and I've rooted it down to that being the cause in my case.
For yours try using Autoruns, run it and if anything shows up in yellow right-click on it and click on do a search online. Then right-click it again if you find no updates for that item and click delete.
You can also uncheck anything you don't want running at startup with it.
It's a Microsoft product as Microsoft owns SysInternals who makes it.
Get it here.:Autoruns for Windows - Windows Sysinternals

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