Network takes around 25min to connect on my laptop

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    Alright, my laptop takes around 25 min to fully connect to the internet. The strange thing is that down in the bottom left corner, it shows that it is searching for WiFi. While my other devices connect almost instantly. And I can connect to the internet on a browser and use that normally. But anything else besides a browser I cant even open until it connects to the internet, such as Skype will not even open, I cant open music files, video files, anything. Even files in control panel I cant use until 25 min later. I cant open anti virus software either like Microsoft security essentials. It just times out. PLEASE HELP
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    Does it do the same thing in safe mode with networking????
    If not than there is a program doing something.
    If the same in safe try disabling virus and firewall, but don't forget reenable after testing.
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    I'm worried about the 25 min delay with Control Panel AND THE FACT THAT YOU CAN'T OPEN ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. Gives the picture that your computer is blocked.

    I would suggest, plug all Internet connections off, run a thorough Antivirus and Malware scan to find out about problems. If you even suspect your Security Programs are outdated, there are several options to get one on a USB stick, found on the net, like If this is the option, get it downloaded to a clean stick by a friend - not your computer.

    Preferrably all in Safe Mode. And, these aren't foolproof, though.

    The delay in connecting to Internet isn't that bad, it may be a problem with the router or server. You could give some system specs?
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