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Hi gang! ...any advice on using an Apple Airport Express device on my existing wireless network? I've combed the web, tried several things and zero luck.

One thing I did learn is that the apple device seems to want WEP2 type security, but that totally knocks out my wireless connection from my pc to the network. I changed it to WEP and got my computer connected again but either way I could not use, access or "see" the apple device.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi welcome to the forums
first of all dont use WEP, WEP is so weak as a security key i would never recommend it, WPA - AES is the safest and most secure option.

You need to find out what type of network key encryption is on your network, you can find this in your router, The same type of encryption on your router must match the device , WPA - WPA you cant have WPA2 - WEP, it wont work

check you settings on your network and let me no, GOOD LUCK :D


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Great advice! Thanks.

I tweaked that on my router to the better WPA-AES setting, ensuring both the apple device and my computer and my router were in sync there. It worked! I got the green light from the apple device that says it's connected to the network and tested the connection via itunes by selecting the speaker option in the lower right corner. My new device was visible there and it played perfectly...clear across the office.

I'm guessing those settings being set differently must have been the culprit, preventing the connection from happening.

Thanks so much.


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Your very welcome,

The confilict in encryption (WEP,WEP2,WPA) will have been the issue as they both have to match each other :) in order for the device to connect

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