Networking Sharing Asks for Password Every Time!

I have the Windows 7 Professional installed on my computer and I have a tower setup in the living room that is Vista Home Basic. The Vista PC just runs 24/7 and runs as my server where I store all my music/videos.

I share the "R Drive" on this PC as \\Desktop2\RDrive

When I map this network drive from my laptop (also with Windows 7 Professional installed) it will connect to this folder right away without any issues! Does NOT ask for username or password.

Now when I go to my OTHER PC in the bedroom (also with Windows 7 Professional installed) and try to map this network drive \\Desktop2\RDive, it asks for a username/password EVERY TIME!!

Now I can just enter in the username (and no password since there isn't one set) and it logs me in just fine. But everytime I restart the computer I have to keep on entering just the username for the living room PC. And on every reboot I always get the error "could not reconnect to network drives". All the computers are on the same workgroup too!

Why is my bedroom PC asking for username/password for my Living Room PC when there is NO username or password set for it? Weird how the laptop will connect just fine and never asks for username and password.

What are your thoughts? Thanks!!

Ugh, nevermind! After all of this time I've FINALLY figured it out! I just went to Start > clicked my little picture on the top representing my user account > then went to Manage My Credentials!

I entered in my \\Desktop2\RDrive entered in JUST the username that is used for that computer, and whala! Restarted the computer and my computer connects to the shared drives everytime!!

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