New laptop with Windows 7


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I have just got a new laptop today with Windows 7.

I have a Belkin router and am using WPA /TKIP

I cannot for the life of me figure out why the laptop is not connecting to the WiFi. I added the laptop's mac address to the network, disabled all firewall settings, connected to the laptop via ethernet and even then it wouldn't connect.

I'm about out of ideas - when I called Belkin they just asked me to connect via ethernet. I had to drop the call so haven't yet called them back.

Is there anything I have missed that could be different for 7 to connect?

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Could you please provide the model number?


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F5D8232-4 - thank you


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Maybe, If you have not been there already, you could open the "network and sharing center" (in the Control panel) and work through the "Set up a new connection" item again? But, FWIW, I have recently been satying with a friend, and took my laptop with me. Always, on my own premises, I have had a 100% connection. For some reason, on his wirless setup (a Belkin!) the signal was very weak. I had to be with 10 meteres to get any workable signal. We tried several different tricks to solve the problem, without any success. On return, after switching on, my own installation (Linksys) gave a 100% connection again.


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My better half has been saying that to me for a while - that it's the router. The damn thing is new this year (grrr) - but I guess I should just go get a Linksys instead. Would that be the best? Any model better than another, and also - the main machine is a Mac with an XP laptop and the new Win7 laptop.
Any tips on that would be fab. So glad you posted that info - nice to know it's not just me!

My better half has been saying that to me for a while - that it's the router.
You'd better never confirm that'll never live it down:D


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Thanks for the firmware link - although I did that, so I think we'll be on our way to BestBuy in the AM. :mad:

And as for never living it down....I never do! :D


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Time I updated. Totally Windows 7 compatible, Dew?

Check all of your router settings first

Before you spend money, please check all of your router wireless settings first. Go through the entire thing and write them down on paper if you have to. I have used several different router manufacturers and all have worked good. I actually use an old D Link right now. It's about 3 years old. When I first set it up, I set it up in a rush. I couldn't get any of my laptops to work correctly. I went through my settings and wrote it down and realized that I made a simple mistake on one of the settings (can't remember which one). Corrected that and it works great.

Also, check your firewall and antivirus settings too.

If you do that and it still doesn't work, new Christmas present.:)

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Some good advice and some rep for you. According to this the router is compatible with both Win 7 64 bit and 32 bit, a quick reset of the router to factory defaults with no encryption would seem like a good place to start.

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