New release from IOBit - Start Menu 8 v1.3.0


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Just want to share with anyone still longing for a good old Start menu experience.

I used to have Start Menu 8 v1.2.1 installed on my Win 8 Pro and it worked great.
Then I upgraded to Win 8.1 Pro rtm and the Start menu 8 was not compatible.

Yesterday I found out that a new version of Start Menu 8 by IOBit was released, claiming it is completely compatible to Win 8.1 rtm.
I installed it, just to see if it is true.
It works. Looks and works just like Win 7.

The software is free.
See screenshot..........In keeping with the new OS, I chose a different Start button instead of the traditional circular orb.

Image 3.png


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Thanks for the info. It appears all the major players in the Start Menu replacement apps have updated to versions compatible with Win 8.1. The last I knew one or two were still in beta.

Classic Shell free app.

Start Menu 8 free app

Start8 nominal fee Beta version

Start IS Back nominal fee Beta version

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