Windows 10 New update is a *bad

Whenever the computer gone into the sleep mode, it will never wake up again. Just got the white cursor and black screen. I tried the Win+P thing but didn't work. Also tried to turn off fast startup, still didn't work.

Edited: Don't know what version of windows 10, just updated by itself few days ago without my consent. No problem found yet even if the display is dimmed as long as it doesn't go into sleeping mode. No new program was installed prior to and after the update.

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What version of W10 are you having the problem with? It's also customary on this forum and most other Tech forums to post hardware specs of the problem you are having the problem with. Asking us to fix a problem with such a short description is like calling your Doctor on the phone and asking him to fix your headache. He won't do it over the phone without a Medical History. And that's if you are a patient of this Doctor. *Imagine you are calling a Doctor you have never seen and asking him to solve a medical problem with a 1 sentence description. Really?

To get free help, we need more information. Period.


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