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Windows 10 Newly installed Windows 10 Driver Problems


New Member
Dec 16, 2021
Hey guys. I just want to say that after countless hours of installing drivers, looking for solutions on computer forums, I haven't gotten ANY response anywhere, much less potential solutions for my newly installed Windows 10 problems. I just lost all hope for solving these software problems. My laptop is older, although this shouldn't pose a problems regarding new windows drivers right?

I own ASUS ROG g750jm and I'm super happy with it, but yesterday I finally decided to switch from Win8.1 to Win 10. Now, after searching everywhere on the Asus official website for specific drivers for my laptop I couldn't find them, so I manually searched on google for drivers for each specific component for win 10. After installation, I still have some problems:

1. when I move any window, it doesn't stay, but just shows the outline of the window. I guess this must be the problem of graphic card/monitor drivers. Looks like Link Removed

I've tried installing multiple different Intel AND Nvidia drivers (always restarting after each one to see if it makes any difference), which are specific for my laptop / components (I've checked), but nothing seems to make any difference. I've even downloaded Driver Easy program that installs drivers automatically. At last, I've tried even installing older drivers (Win 8 or even 7) and while some of them actually did get installed, it made no difference.

My final thoughts were to look at settings for each monitor (integrated and Nvidia) if there is some kind of low performance setting enabled, but sadly found no solution.

2. fans are randomly switching on to higher speeds, even though I only have like 3 tabs of Chrome open. Are there any experts here with any kind of advice on what should I do here?
Maybe any fellow ROG users? I haven't had any of these problems on Win 8.1.

I would so much appreciate any kind of help. Thank you so much guys!
What do you mean by ".....it doesn't stay, but just shows…. "? I saw your screenshot and I don't see any problem in it. This is how it should look when you move a window in Win10. Does the window show/stay in the new position when you release the mouse?

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Where did you install the drivers from and what do you mean searching google for each specific driver for windows 10?

We talking all network drivers, all drivers for usb, all drivers for monitors etc? And did you get them all from official sources? Or potentially shady 3rd party websites?

I couldn’t see a screenshot, did you remove it from the post?

And, does it do the outline thing in safe mode?

Did you get a graphics driver compatible with your computer?

What’s the laptop your using and what display driver, you can see the details in device manger > right click driver > properties then go to the driver tab. If you can’t see the drivers window, can you show a screenshot of what you do see? I’m thinking you might end up having to reinstall the operating system totally if that’s the case.

Or perhaps If you can get to the advanced menu with f11 on startup, going troubleshooter > previous version might make you able to interact with the windows if you can get to a version that works.

Is my browser just messing up lmao or did OP hide the screenshot? 🧐