"No connections available" problem

Sorry for the lack of detail but I'm on my phone. When I boot my computer I can see all the available wireless networks. Even though I know the password for my network but it won't connect me and the troubleshooting is useless. After a few minutes all the available me networks disappear and it says there are no connections available. I know I'm not turning off my adapter or anything even though I'm experiencing all the effects of that.


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Try resetting your modem and your router. Then check your system for any bugs, malware, spyware and adware.

Tried running a full scan of my computer, caught some stuff but still having problems. I'm positive the problem is on my end because everyone in the house can connect but me.


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Try going to Start > Run, and type cmd.

Now type ping google.com.

My average response is 47ms.

What's yours, if you're getting anything.

Now type "" without the quotation marks. Are you now getting a response?

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