Windows 7 No Internet Access on Identified Network


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So, I am on my laptop with an ethernet port that has the drivers. I have my modem plugged into my laptop and, using netsh, am becoming a virtual hotspot. On my desktop, however, I do not have the appropriate drivers for my ethernet port. I have a wireless network adapter and am trying to connect to the hotspot I have created with my laptop, but I can get no further than connecting and identifying. It will identify, but there is still no internet access. I;m using a tool called Virtual Router Manager which shows what all devices are connected to my network along with their MAC addresses and IP addresses. I have an android phone that can connect to the network fine and has internet access. It is only my desktop that cannot connect. My laptop has an "Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)" ethernet port and a "Broadcom 802.11n" network adapter and, of course, has the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter. My desktop has a Belkin USB Wireless Adapter, but no functioning ethernet port since I don't have the drivers. My question is, how do I get my desktop to connect to my virtual hotspot?