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Windows 7 No Internet connection - dual boot Windows 7 and XP


New Member
May 22, 2009

I have a dual boot windows 7 and XP PC (both 32 bit). I formatted the hard drive 3 weeks ago and installed fresh copies of Windows 7 (RC1 or 7100) and XP.

Everything was working fine until today, upon reboot, my windows seven stopped connecting to internet. I tried several methods in the control panel to connect without any success. So I went back to XP and the internet connects awesome. This confirms that there is no problem with the router or modem (I use a university T3 connection-sometimes go to 8 MB/sec!!!). I had a similar few days ago and I restarted the computer several times and it connected to the internet by itself. Zthis time it doesn't want to do it.

I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem. I really liked the Windows 7 and want to use it instead of XP. I have a custom built core 2 duo, 4 GB RAM (3.5 GB detected), 128 MB graphics card and 3 400GB hard drives.

Thanks for any help.
Similar issues

I am having a similar problem. I am running a Dell Dimension E521 with Windows XP Pro/Windows 7 RC1. My PC is plugged into a Linksys WRT54GS running DD-WRT using WDS to another WRT54GS and then into my FiOS connection. XP can access the internet, but Windows 7 tells me it is connected to the internet on multiple connections (only one NIC in the PC), but I can't ping anything outside my routers. I do not get any error messages from Windows. I have tried rebooting numerous times, turning off the firewall, and using a direct connection to a cable modem. The direct connection gave me connectivity. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hi guys

Please see my response in the post titled "Network no connectivity.
This isn't a real solution but it gets my connected every time.