No More Win Log-On...???...PLEASE...???


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hello again...

my new office box (ASUS) came from best buy; & when I fired it up for the 1st was configured for windows log-on (win 7 pro). I have stop zilla on this machine...which is already a pain-in-the-butt in terms of exceeding long load time.

my audio machine in the music studio (an ADK...& also an intel machine) allowed me to set up the OS for no log-on (also win 7 pro).

so how can I reconfigure my ASUS pc to now have NO log-on...???...i.e., I want to simply turn on th computer; & eventually it gets to desktop & is ready for work all by itself...???


mark forman
Windows 7 Professional 2009 SP1



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got control panel, users and remove the password from the user account.


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Or, just to add another option, if you would like to preserve your password on your account for those occasions where perhaps you want to lock your computer when you are away, you can simply
WinLogoKey + R
and in the run dialog box type
control userpasswords2
and hit enter
highlight your username
uncheck the box that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"
Click apply
make sure your username is present in the top box then
type and confirm your password and
OK your way back out of there.
That should do it.

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