Windows 7 no net connection - hardware drivers? - uncommon circumstances


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Hi There,

My apologies if this is a repeat post...I hunted the forum but couldn't find a solution for my problem.

Left a job two weeks ago, for confidentiality the employer had to "wipe" my laptop and re-install Windows 7 Pro from the CD. Since getting the computer back, the computer won't recognize that the internet exists.

Device manager lists 6 devices that do not have drivers installed, listed under "other devices", including:
- base system device
- ethernet controller
- network controller
- PCI Simple Communications controller
- unknown device (X2)

...not sure how to fix that without internet access, or if this is even the root problem.

On the plus side, I have two laptops. The non-work laptop does have internet access, it just lacks the functionality I need to do my job.


Thanks in advance!
Suggest you use a pc with net access to access the site of the manufacturer of the non-functioing pc and search for drivers for the ethernet controller - installing that should enable your connectivity to then search automatically for drivers for the remaining devices.
Best way is to goto to the manufacturer website and enter the model of the pc and the op sys. I'd avoid driver "wizards and automatic updates where possible.
Well done. Trust you've got a nice backup strategy in place so if/when your system goes belly up you don't have to go through all the hassle again ;)
Yessir. Originals with recovery points, and regularly updated redundant external hard-drives. Not messing around. :) Thanks for the tip!