Windows 7 No problem on build 7068, stopped working on build 7077


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Apr 12, 2009

I installed the lanchat program Softros LAN Messenger on build 7068, the program was working fine but it stopped working after installing build 7077. I did a fresh install of build 7077 and a fresh install of the program.

Does anybody know what exactly changed between the 2 builds and what can causing this program to crash now? I tried all possible compatibility modes but it still doesn't work.

The error I see: An internal exception occured (address:0x0)
After I press ok I see: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)


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I have had the same problem with:

Slingplayer software
Holdem indicator
Kavoom (km software)

Other than that 7077 seems faster and very stable.
I contacted the software authors and they gave me a debug version to report the problem back to them. Now the strange thing is that this debug version runs without any problem :)

I too am having the same problem with Siglos karokee software, they said it workes with vista which I haven't tried yet. I will have do a partition to see if this is so.
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