No restore point on Windows 10

Can someone help please. My hp PC seemed to seize up. I found there was no restore point. Evidently this was not turned on! I didn't know I had to do this on Windows 10. Anyway, I pressed recovery instead. I was warned I would lose apps. What I didn't know was that I would lose Microsoft Office. I am now desperately trying to restore it. I cannot find my registry key (I have tried downloading software to find it to no avail). I am now trying to use my Macrium backup on USB. The Macrium software on my pc was also deleted during recovery. I am now trying to work out how to tell the new download where to find the backup (on my USB)! Ahh! Please help.


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Hi Chris G,
your HP PC might have a recovery partition which would return you back to factory defaults. If Office came with the pc then it may be re-installed as part of the recovery.
If you post the full model name and numbers we can advise further.

Thank you so much for your reply. I am currently waiting for Macrium to restore my pic. This is all very new to me. If it works it will restore back to April as that's the only image I made - the sub wasn't big enough to hold more. I'd been thinking recently of purchasing a larger one and using Macrium properly.... I will let you know if it works. Great to have discovered this forum.

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