Windows 7 No surround sound


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I have installed x64 and x32 flavors and I am not able to get 5.1 surround sound. I have an X-Fi Fatality card and I installed the latest drivers and can only get stereo. I then tried the on board sound with the latest drivers and the same thing happens. Only stereo...2.1 sound. I have an Intel D975XBX2 motherboard. Anyone else have sucess with multi-channel sound?
I have 5.1 going on an Acer branded motherboard.
It installed right away, I didn't even have to change any settings.

Try a full uninstall/reinstall of the driver.
OK, I tried that with a new install and the same thing happens. I had no problem installing the driver from creative (the latest ones) and only left and right speakers are highlighted no matter what configuration I choose. Any ideas?
I had a similar problem. My mobo (asus m2n-sli) drivers weren't compatible with windows 7 (not even the vista 64 versions). So I uninstalled the drivers (system restore) and played around with the default 7.1 speaker set up. Disabled the side speakers and enabled the "speaker fill" enhancement to fill in the gaps, now my 5.1 speakers are virtual 7.1's.

Only problem is, my centre speaker and subwoofer are on the same hookup, and windows is using them backwards. Also, I think as a consequence of this, there is the occasional crackle in the speakers. Perhaps something to look into before the final release, but proper support on ASUS's end should solve the problem all the same. :)