noob questions about 7 and installation

First of all, is there a performance difference between installing windows 7 clean and upgrading from vista so that i can save all my files and programs? I head that installing it clean means that it would perform faster and stuff...

How much does it cost to upgrade from vista or Ultimate?

An upgrad from a previous version of a Mac to a later version only cost 30 bucks.

From what I heard upgrade to Utimate would cost 200?

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

I would say go with the Clean Install.. ;) It generally results in a much better working system than one that is Upgraded.. That being said, please remember to backup all your personal files prior to the installation.. ;) (It may sound obvious but you'd be surprised at the amount of people that don't do it and complain later..) Also, download any and all drivers that you are going to need (PRIOR to the installation) just in case Windows 7 doesn't automatically find your ethernet driver during the installation.. When you're downloading these drivers make sure to get either Windows 7 one's or the most recent Windows Vista drivers if there are no Win 7 drivers available yet for your specific hardware.. (Keep in mind if you are going with the 64-bit version to look for 64-bit drivers..)

As far as cost goes.. It all depends on which version of Win 7 your going to get.. (EI: Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate).. Your location also makes a difference as pricing differs from region to region..

Hopefully this clears things up a bit for you, if not please let us know...

Cheers for now!

Clean Install

Doing an Clean Install with ANY OS is always better. Just make sure you have the install media and activation codes for all of your installed programs. If you 'Upgrade', you may have corrupted .dll files that could cause problems, OEM crapware that will make your system run slow, Spyware or Viruses. Get rid of all that old crap! A clean install is always the best way to go. In fact, I regularly reformat my hard drive and do a clean install every few months. I reformatted it twice today.

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