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Windows 10 Not Able To Change System Default Program


New Member
Jun 20, 2022
Hello all, I wanted to change the system default mail program to Thunderbird.

I went to settings > default programs and then when I clicked Mail app the only option I got was to choose from some web browsers and... "SEARCH IN MICROSOFT STORE". There was no option to choose an app from my disc.

What's worse the same was for any other app in default programs. The "choose from disc" option disappeared. I can choose from some - very limited - options or search in Microsoft store ONLY.

I can't guess what moroon thought that he has the right to mess IN MY OWN COMPUTER and limit MY OWN FREEDOM to choose what I want to use as a default app.
This generally should be punished somehow, but for now, I'm asking you for help.

How to show this option - choose from disc - in windows default programs again?

I know there is workaround for file types by right clicking a file type and then choosing an app from disc, but for default, mail to open for example mail addresses from the web it won't work. So Please help.

In Thunderbird 91 also there is no such option to SET THE APP AS A DEFAULT MAIL CLIENT - or I can't find it. The same moroonic improvements as in windows. Unfortunately.

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