Not exactly a problem, but it's bugging me......


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Acer Aspire 7741z
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
Windows ( Live ) Essentials installed and up to date.

I am unable to run the current Windows ( Live ) Movie Maker.
I have to install and use Windows Movie maker 6.0 version instead.
The problem started long ago. Once I reinstalled Win 7 and managed to restore the Windows live Movie Maker
But, that was a year or 2 ago.
Anyone has any idea to help me ? Thank you.
Not that I have to have that program. Just irritating not knowing why.

Here is the error message when I tried to open WLMM.....
Image 3.jpg

Here is my system specs.......
Image 2.jpg

adding ..........
SFC finds no integrity violation.

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For comparison only, if it could shed some light........
My other much older laptop with Win 8.1.1 Pro 32-bit has no trouble running Windows (Live) Movie Maker.

My Dell laptop specs...........

Image 1.png


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Problem solved.
As it turns out, the error message is what I should have paid attention to.
I didn't because I reasoned, wrongly, that if the system could run the Windows Movie Maker 6.0, it should also run the Windows Live Movie Maker 12.0

An update of video card driver solves the issue.


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Great you got it fixed. A solar example that big problems are, at least occasionally, somewhat "easily" solved. :scratch:

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