Windows 7 "Not Responding" when connecting to a Network Share


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May 13, 2009
So, running Windows 7 RC on a laptop.

Have a Vista PC (all latest updates and SPs) on my home network that has multiple shares (photos, music, docs etc).

Have mapped these shares onto my W7 laptop.

Whenever I try and access the files in the shares (open photos to view, docs to edit etc) from the W7 laptop via windows explorer, I get the blue circle, time goes by, "not responding" message appears and eventually (...eventually) explorer will un-grey itself and the file/photo etc will appear.

It happens every time.

I have multiple PCs (Both Vista and XP) that are able to access the network shares no problem.

Any help appreciated

Got the same problems..

I have a CD player with HDD running linux, and I am experiencing the same problems
when I try to map it as a network drive. Works fine in both Win XP and Vista.

I can connect to it in Windows explorer using the share name \\azur\media\ and I get
up all the folders. But when I try to navigate, the Windows explorer freezes completely.

Yesterday I actually got a breakthrough, but I havent figured out what made the difference.
(I have started and stopped several components in Win7) But when it worked i didn't use
the share name, I used the IP adress instead. Have u tried that?

example. \\\\media\ ??

you might want to check the permissions on the share as well