Windows 10 Having remote access to our office server


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Jun 21, 2022
Hi all.

A few of my colleagues have been given laptop so they can be more portable.

In the office we have a mapped network drive (Z). This is where we have all of our client folders etc.... Essentially, the whole company runs from this location.

I've been tasked with finding the best way for colleagues to access this folder remotely.

We use Splashtop to access our office PCs. I'm here working from home and doing my work on the office pc.

The easiest solution would be to have 1 dedicated PC for these 4 colleagues to log into a system and access the Z drive whenever they want.

They don't need to be constantly logged on so this may be an option. The downside of this is only 1 person can log onto a system at 1 time.


Is there another way for each laptop can have remote access to the Z drive without having to log onto a system from within Windows.

I assume this is the kind of thing I'm looking for Site-to-Site VPN - Secure Access to Company Network

Or is there a secure way to easily do this within Windows.

Many thanks

I've been tasked with finding the best way for colleagues to access this folder remotely.
define 'best'

personally [and at work] I use the Seagate as a ready made plug and play and that breaks down to the normal 3 options
with Seagate these are called;
  1. Sdrive = a app that stores your user account i.e, you need to install the app on each device that is to have access
  2. MyNAS = a browser system which basically allows by username and password from anywhere
  3. and FTP = for those old tafe teachers with a server in the home basement running on some random set of ports... bless their hearts
ime using a mapped network drive is asking for trouble... as soon as two people try to access the same file at the same time it gets corrupt but you get the same 3 options with most perfessional systems like Western so pick the maker you like and use their system instead of trying to reinvent the wheel

are your people all using Windows 11, have they also got phones [as in the same phone each] or a few die hard Apple Mac lovers... do they know their ass from a VPN and are any of them going to be in another country when they try to get to these files?