Nothing works, believe it or not.

I get it, you've heard countless people complain about not being able to upgrade, despite Microsoft actively advertising that it's "Free for Everyone". And you've probably helped them figure it out and they thank you and all that jazz. But for the past month or so since Windows 10 was released, I have still been waiting for that little icon in the bottom right to pop up so I can reserve my "free" copy of Windows 10. I have tried at least 20 different options and fixes, none of them worked. I even resorted to torrenting a copy, along with an "Activator" for it, so I could get a free product key or whatever. And to everyone's relief it did not work. I checked on the FAQ for the program and even submitted a thread to their almost barren forum, the guy was nice enough to respond but he had no idea what was causing my issues. I got my hard drive as part of a limited time offer which included a free copy of Windows 8, along with a couple games. It did not come with a product key, and honestly I did not expect that I would ever need it. And when I heard that Microsoft was essentially giving Windows 10 away I got very excited, only to come to the understanding that "Free for Everyone" really meant "Free for some people, maybe".

You're probably going to read this and come up with some witty response like "You just admitted to torrenting a copy of Windows on the Windows Forum!" and yes, I did. It's not like it mattered, though. It was supposed to be free anyway, so what's the harm in getting it for free? Plus it didn't even work, so no harm no foul.

I don't want anyone to try and offer me a way to fix it, because trust me, it won't work. I've tried basically everything, and nothing worked. Windows 8 sucks, and it sucks more that I am stuck with it until I cough up the $100 or so to buy Windows 10, even though it was "Free for Everyone". Pardon the swearing here, but capitalism is a bitch sometimes. Greed takes over everyone, I guess $80 billion (Give or take, I don't care enough to check) just isn't enough. He needs my money to fuel his supreme overlord plans to take over the world, one copy of Windows at a time. It's not like he hasn't already.

Anyway I don't know what the point of posting this was, I just needed to vent. I've given up on trying to upgrade, there's not much point anymore. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if when I buy my free copy of Windows 10 it won't work somehow, then my receipt will magically disappear so I can't get a refund, then I'll see an ad on TV about how cool Bill Gates is, and he'll look straight into my eyes through the screen and flip me off. Wouldn't be the first time.


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You can't be serious. My advice: relax, get a flight today, go to Amsterdam and enjoy Sail Amsterdam!
(and leave your smartphone, tablet, laptop at home) :)

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So, you have an illegal copy of windows so you're mad because for some reason you cat get it to upgrade to a legal copy. You don't want help but yet you resort to bashing Bill Gates who has not been involved with the operation of Microsoft in years. Seems like you have a lot more issues than the upgrade.


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You cannot upgrade from windows 8 to windows 10. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 have to be fully updated in order for the user to qualify for the upgrade (oh and have a genuine activated copy of windows. ).
This means that Windows 7 has to have Service pack 1 installed and windows 8 has to be upgraded to 8.1. If neither of these requirements are fulfilled then it doesn't matter if you wait for an eon or epoch the upgrade ain't gonna pop up.
Also Microsoft never said that Windows 10 was gonna be free for pirates. What was said was this:

"We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10," he said in a telephone interview with Reuters. The plan is to "re-engage" with the hundreds of millions of users of Windows in China, he said, without elaboration.
Ref: Microsoft tackles China piracy with free upgrade to Windows 10

This was unfortunately reported by many online tech news agencies that Windows 10 would also be free for pirates...

This is incorrect.

What it actually means is that the upgrade might work but it will still be a non genuine copy of windows. This means that certain apps might not work (like the Store) , updates not available and probably activation issues.

Instructions on how to upgrade your copy of windows 8 to 8.1 is here:
Updating to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 - Windows Help
and as long as it's genuine and activated use this page to download the Windows 10 upgrade:
Windows 10

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