November 2013 Website Changes and Updates

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    Greetings! A new list of internal changes is now available for November 2013. Most of these changes are "under the hood" internal upgrades.

    PHP updated to 5.4.21
    • Core:
    • Fixed bug #65322 (compile time errors won't trigger auto loading).
    • CLI server:
    • Fixed bug #65633 (built-in server treat some http headers as case-sensitive).
    • Datetime:
    • Fixed bug #64157 (DateTime::createFromFormat() reports confusing error message).
    • DBA extension:
    • Fixed bug #65708 (dba functions cast $key param to string in-place, bypassing copy on write).
    • Filter:
    • Add RFC 6598 IPs to reserved addresses.
    • Fixed bug #64441 (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL rejects fully qualified domain names).
    • IMAP:
    • Fixed bug #65721 (configure script broken in 5.5.4 and 5.4.20 when enabling imap).
    • Standard:
    • Fixed bug #61548 (content-type must appear at the end of headers for 201 Location to work in http).
    • Build system:
    • Fixed bug #62396 ('make test' crashes starting with 5.3.14 (missing gzencode())).

    Litespeed updated to 4.2.5
    • Added just in time Apache vhost configuration to improve server startup speed.
    • Major improvements and bug fixes and in mod_security engine: added more transform functions, better variable collection handling, added IP match operators, added MATCHED_VARS support.
    • Added a new PHP suEXEC mode to create per-account worker groups using the LiteSpeed-specific Apache-style directives "LSPHP_ProcessGroup" and "LSPHP_Workers". It is PHP selector-compatible and opcode caching friendly.
    • Improved CloundLinux compatibility — return 508 error page when resource limit has been reached.
    • Rack/Rails: added per-application environment configurations for Rack/Rails context to better support RVM gemset setup.
    • Bundled OpenSSL library has been upgraded to 1.0.1e with support for TLSv1.1 & TLSv1.2 ciphers.
    • Automatically detect and skip very large .htaccess file that can stall server processes.
    • Enabled skipping "File Not Found" logging in error log via rewrite environment variable "dontlog".
    • Added support for "Charset" in Content-Type header for autoindex pages.
    • Fixed bug in handling symbolic race condition when "Strict File Ownership" (equivalent to CloudLinux SecureLink) is enabled. (Special thanks to Rack911.)
    • Fixed bug allowing create/overwrite arbitrary file as root user via crafted symbolic link. (Special thanks to Rack911.)
    • Fixed bug in handling IPv6 address used in Apache httpd.conf.
    • Fixed bug in SSI engine causing LAST_MODIFIED variable to use wrong timestamp.
    • Fixed bug in rewrite engine with URL encoding.

    PHP LSAPI 6.4 adds some performance enhancement and fixes some minor bugs:
    • Avoid multiple debugging sessions when hanging PHP processes detected.
    • Return 508 error page when CloudLinux LVE resource limit has been reached.
    • Fixed bug in tracking number of child processes.
    • Minor performance tuning for suEXEC daemon mode.

    XenForo updated to 1.2.3
    • Tagging users incorrectly disabled by default on fresh installs
    • Thread watch records not maintained when threads are merged
    • Incorrect importing of page nodes in the XenForo to XenForo import
    • Handle corrupted data more gracefully in several import situations
    • Adding two else conditions in a template does not throw an error as expected
    • ImageMagick resizes images incorrectly in very specific cases
    • Make sure that "deny" actions in spam prevention handling overrides "moderate" actions
    • Inline form errors not positioned correctly in RTL
    • Weekly/monthly statistics not shown correctly in RTL
    • Add additional direction attribute to email containers for RTL
    • Disable user tagging within certain BB codes (such as code tags)
    • Fix situation where node names were not available in URL generation
    • Expand romanization of Greek to be more extensive
    • Lightbox image selection incorrect when opening a second lightbox on a page
    • Default open graph logo size increased and image tweaked
    • ImageMagick class named incorrectly based on containing directory name
    • When loading an overlay, run inline JS before xfActivate.

    Update to Apple iTunes iOS app is still pending (now on week 4!). Expect update to this app to pass arduous and ridiculous review process some time later this year (or week?).

    Latest app update was pushed to available Google devices already.

    While many of these bug fixes may not apply to this website, particularly, these changes should improve website performance and stability in an overall significant manner.
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    An update of our iTunes Store iOS app is available. Although Apple forced arbitrary metadata changes, like changing the application's entire name, this should still be good news for Apple iPhone and tablets users, as it remains free. This download can be found here:

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