Windows 7 Now there's audio, now there's not...


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Jan 12, 2009
Just installed Windows 7 this past weekend and so far love it... now it's time to start digging into some of the meat, like the Media Center. I have one problem though - no audio on some AVI/DivX files.

I can play some, and they play perfectly fine. Blows my ears off... :) However, when I play others, I get the video only and no sound. I have no problem with sound normally, as my device (AC97) was recognized "out of the box".

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be missing, or what I can look at? It really doesn't make any sense. I loaded a DVD and it plays fine. The problem is that not "ALL" of my AVI files have sound.

Help.... :(
I thought Windows 7 was supposed to have all the regular codecs included and codec packs weren't needed?

I'm not against installing codecs, but shouldn't this work the way MS says it should?
DivX still isn't supported as a regular codec.
If you don't like codecs, I would suggest you download and use VLC Player (VLC media player - Overview) as your video player.
It has all the codecs built in, and does a much better job of playback than any other player.
some divx files are encoded differently and may require additional codecs which you dont have. i normally just download and install the cccp and everything works flawlessly. you can try installing the vlc player if you dont want to install codecs.
I love to play divx avi, rmvb, mkv and HD wmv files..... so I installed CCCP and Real alternates Lite codec. Using KM Player to play without issues... even Windows Media Player can play rmvb files.
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