Num lock keep turning on Randomly


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My Num lock keep turning on Randomly. While I type something the numlock turn on automatically during typing. it uses U O key etc s forward and backward same for all keys for . make all my text spoiled and disturbed.
its been since 8 months I reset and formatted window twice nothing got corrected, also tried regedit Hkey to 0 2. nothing.

I am just few up with windows now, Anyone's solution will be quite helping...


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Normally the Num Lock key is on by default.
I've never seen mine be turned off, as far as I can remember.

The Num Lock key should only affect the keys on the Number Pad, when it's on, the keys type the Numbers, when off it types the other uses labeled on the keys, i.e. 7=Home, 1=End, 9=PageUp etc.

Take a look at this there is a section about why does the Num Lock key keep turning on...

What is a num Lock?

And info on how to have it turned off by default...

How do I disable or enable the Num Lock key at startup?



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MikeHawthorne You are right, num lock turns the keys on right side to a different function. But my problem is that my numlock turns on randomly while I type something. even during typing when i dont see screen sometime it ruins my text when I num lock randomly turn on it self and i dont tae notice. I keeps happening with me since longtime even Ive reset the windows. And now I am hopeless and fed up of window....:confused:


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More likely to be a hardware related issue. Maybe something under the num lock key or just a bad key. If a desktop have you tried another KB, if lap top not much you can do.
Might try a Linux distro and see if it continues if yes then defiantly a hardware issue. You run these with out installing.


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Check any power options, some laptops do this and the setting should be in your power util for the laptop.


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helpifIcan can t be a hardware issue, as numlock on my keyboard needs to press two buttons at time, fn+numlk .. if there be a bad key how can it press two buttons at time.
I also seen this issue with few people on internet but with no solution for anyone


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Any application could programmatically toggle this. Try booting into safe mode and see if the problem goes away. If it does then I'd say an application is toggling it.


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Neemobeer I had reset my windows 2 time, it still continued. I think if its because of any app should be fixed after window reset.


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I still dont quite get it, but I never use the numpad keys while I'm typing.
What keys that you use when you are typing are effcted by the Numlock key?

Do you use the Numlock keys to enter numbers when you are typing?

I assume this is a laptop, so you can't use another keyboard to see if that makes a difference?

MikeHawthorne Just like you I also didnt used numpad ever, instead I use the top keys row of number on keyboard.

But the numpad turn on unintentionally even during the typing, like when I use backspace or arrows and type i see my numpad is on and it messed up all my text I wrote before.

Its beyond my understanding whats happening with me..:confused:

are you using desktop or laptop?

Here is what i found on a forum. Someone having this problem. It was due to the new mouse with extra tilt buttons that were not configured and was on numlock on default, solved someone else problem.
But in my case I dont have tilt button instead i have forward back double click dpi scroll buttons only.

Any idea about that?

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