Numeric keypad not working

Hi all. I've got a strange one here. So far it's stumped me and all the techs at CompUSa. MY numeric keypad does not work in any Microsoft Office program, nor does it work in Firefox or Google Chrome. Here's the tricky works fine if I open the calculator, a notepad document, or use Internet Explorer. It also works fine in the bios setup, i.e. setting the time, etc.

Yes, NUM LOCK is on and no keys are stuck. Yes I tried three different keyboards, both PS2 and USB, as well as a brand new motherboard. I'm still having the same problem.

Keys affected: arrow keys, page up, page down, 0123456789, - +and .

Forward slash / and astrisk * still work.

Again, all keys function normally in calculator, notepad and Internet Explorer. I'm totally lost. I hate having to use the number keys above the qwerty keyboard. Very cumbersome.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I had the same problem. :confused: I have a Logitech Laser . I had to goto Logitech websight and download the driver for it. It has worked just fine ever since . :p

Thomas :cool:

By Logitech laser, I'm assuming you mean a mouse. I also have a logitech laser mouse, and coincidentally, the problenms startd around the time I got the mouse. I'll check out Logitech's website and see about a newer driver

By Logitech Laser I assume he ment cordless logitech keyboard and mouse. So try to search for newest drivers for your keyboard.

Still have the same problem. My keyboard is a Microsoft USB. I have tried other keyboards, etc. as well as a different mouse. I have the latest mouse driver installed. Not sure where to go on this one, I've never seen anything like this before.

Maybe a stupid question, but have you tried Windows Update? It might locate the driver for you.

Trust me, no question is stupid :)

Yes, I did try Windows update. The only thing there is an update for my NIC card, I'm sure we'll get this sorted out. Thank you for a great suggestion. I'm not sure this is a Windows issue though. Everything was working a few days ago and darned if I know what went wrong along the way. I thought for sure the new MOBO would have fixed it. Also, I never realized just how often I use those keys until I press them and nothing happens :confused:

Here is an idea...
Try uninstalling any keyboard/mouse software in "Programs and Features". Next check Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard/mouse devices there too. Reboot and see what happens. The "Found Hardware Wizard" should reinstall the keyboard and mouse, hopefully fixing your problem.

I'll give that a try and post back

Logitesh MX-5000

Do not use Windows 7 update, do it yourself. Go to your keyboard web sight amd download the driver software and install it yourself. Once you have done this it will work all ok. :D


I went on the Microsift website and there is no driver available for my keyboard (KU-0459). It's a straight Plug n play keyboard

[RESOLVED] keypad issue

Hi all. It's taken me a solid 2 weeks to fix this problem. As suggested, this was a software issue. I had to reinstall Windows 7 64 bit version 7057. Once reinstalled everything went back to normal :D

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