Windows 7 Nvidia driver stuck at old settings?


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May 7, 2009
Hi Guys

I seriusly hope that someone inhere can help me.

I have an older computer with an amd64 3700+ and nvidia 7100gs as my mediacenter.

It has worked wonders the past years, with windows xp, but i thought that it might be fun to use windows 7, now that it is free as a Release candidate :). BUT, the nvidia driver is freakin me out. I can make changes to my primary monitor, change resolution ect. however, when i try to make ANY changes to my SVHS output, it just pops back to the starting point. So it has enabled NTSC output, when i need PAL (i Live in Denmark). Furthermore i cant set the refresh rate to 30, only 29, which is the NTSC refresh rate.

Does any of you guys know a solution to this irritating problem? (film just isent as good in black/white when they are supposed to be in color)

Kindly Regards

Hi Mate

I did download those WDM certified drivers, but that didnt make any change.
The output is stuck with NTSC. I think something is wrong with the way the driver detects the tv. Unfortunetly for me :/
try checking the nvidia help forum, it seems that I read about a bug in the driver similar to yours.
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