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Windows 7 Nvidia drivers!


New Member
Dec 1, 2008
Hey there all,

I just received the Beta for Windows 7 and was curious where I can find and download the drivers needed for a Nvidia 9800 GT.

Thank you very much,

Use your Vista drivers, I don't believe NVidia has any 7-Specific drivers out yet, and 7 is built on Vista's Driver model, so yeah.

I agree, I know ATI has released a Windows 7 "Preview" version of Catalyst that works VERY well I might add.

NVIDIA HAS Confirmed that windows vista drivers are compatible with windows 7. I was told this by an inside person working for nvidia.
EVGA Fourms

Goto EVGA Fourms and they have a 181.20 :p drivers for Windows 7 32 and 64. I am using 185.20 :D and they work just fine as well

just type "windows update" in the search bar in the start menu and have windows update itself. the nvidia drivers are automatically updated now by windows update. this has a lot to do with the fact that nvidia worked side-by-side with microsoft and helped them design their graphics and interface stuff.. which i think is why its running smoothly. anyway, just update your computer and you'll have your drivers.
Old drivers

You don't want to use Windows update to install drivers. They will install old drivers that are not current at all. If you want the latest drivers them, goto EVGA and get then for all Nvidia video cards. :D

Thomas :cool:
After I installed win 7 m-soft updated hy nvidea drivers within an hour and graphics are good.
From www.nvidia.com

NVIDIA drivers for Windows 7 Beta

NVIDIA drivers for the Windows 7 Beta release can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s Windows Update service.

  1. After a fresh installation of the Windows 7 Beta, click on the Start button.
  2. Click Windows Update (it will be pinned to the top of the start menu). You can also type “Windows Updateâ€Â￾ into the start menu Search to locate Windows Update.
  3. Within Windows Update, locate and install the NVIDIA driver update (it will either be an important update or an optional update depending on your system).
NVIDIA Graphics Supercharge Microsoft Windows 7
nvidia geforce 9800m gt

i can't get the windows updater to download and install the right drivers. it just defaults to some generic driver. i tried the vista mobile drivers and that just gives me an error. i don't know what to do.
Have you tried the forceware drivers here:
Link Removed due to 404 Error
Don't forget the compatibility mode when you install. It often helps.
I just posted on someone else's thread, but for best performance get the 185.20 forceware drivers. They have windows 7 drivers built in, but nVidia has removed them from the site. you can google them though and they popup as its very popular for 7 and Vista. I think also in the hardware forum there is a direct link to the download.
as with many drivers that are for vista... go to computer management-->device manager-->right click on your gfx card-->update driver-->install manually-->find the folder where you extracted the driver d/load.. that SHOULD work. you might not be able to do the setup.exe file.
Go here: Link Removed

download the driver for the Vista 32 or 64 whichever applies to your Windows 7 OS.

Uninstall whatever video driver you have now.


right click the new driver installer and run it in vista compatibility mode.

Windows update is not giving you a good driver!
It doesn't appear anyone has caught this yet.. but Nvidia's most recent drivers (Still listed under 'Vista') include W7 specific drivers.

I downloaded and installed the drivers for my 8500GT last night, and when the install menu started, the top said "Now loading Windows 7 Drivers" (or something of the sort... not exact phrasing.)
I believe NVIDIA are supplying M/S with the drivers and M/S are releasing them in the normal updates.
I think ATi is doing that, too. The last update I received on one of my older laptops included new drivers for the radeon mobility 9700 card.

An update today to one of my desktops showed display drivers for my monitor too, but made no reference to my video card.