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Since upgrading to Win 10 I have noticed that when shutting down my PC one or two programs seem to be delaying the shutdown. The program descriptions don't seem to be in English, possibly Chinese or Japanese, and after a few seconds shutdown proceeds. I have investigated, but can find no reason, nor what the program/programs are. A full check of my drive with Defender shows no errors.

Any ideas ?

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Malware or a infected browser = 1st... after that take an image for us or make a note of the program as something/ maybe isn't a lot to go on.

For me, google drive hold's up my shutdown/restarts sometimes. I installed it as i like having both Onedrive + Googledrive working in tandem for cloud backups.
I either click on 'Shutdown anyway' or if i leave it, after a minute, it takes me back to my desktop & i manually close google drive and re-shutdown.

It is prolly the programs that isn't programmed properly to shut-off when u turn off the PC. Like its not closing it's processors/services and leaves it running and windows wants it all closed before it will shutdown.
my advice... Either find a better program that does the exact same thing or look for an update for ur particular program.


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Hi lightspeed,
Those 2 cloud backup programs can take up quite a bit of bandwidth on your internet connection, and can also cause slow shutdowns. Do you know what your download and upload speeds are on your ISP with the connected computer you are using both cloud backups on?

If not, go to SPEEDTEST.NET, and run the free benchmark, and post back here. It might be, if you are using an older DSL connection, your upload speed can be as low as 100kbps; or 0.1mbps; that's really slow and the latency can cause shutdown delays as mentioned. Depending on your upload speed (usually 1/10 of your download speed), you might need to consider staggering your cloud backups, and scheduling them to occur daily/weekly etc. instead of at shutdown, when Windows networking has to do all that work on a super slow upload connection.

Alternatively, if you do have a super slow (less than 0.5mpbs) upload speed with your ISP, you might consider upgrading to the faster Internet speed package for a little more money. This can be from $20-$150 a month or more depending on where you live, your ISP speed offerings etc. Of course, if you were on dial-up, this would certainly be a bandwidth hog and computer killer attempting to do 2 concurrent cloud backups at shutdown on the same instant.

Even using a modern comptuer that's fast and probably a dual-core or better CPU, running a fast OS like W10; your bandwidth and usage paradigm can really clobber a high performance machine.



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I get this sometimes too.
It's not the stuff I'm actually running, but some Windows function that hasn't shut down.

I just tell it to shut down anyway, but I'll write down what it is the next time it happens.



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I don't seem to have this problem on my W10 machines interesting enough, like I do with my Vista/Win7 machines (I don't run 8 except on Customer PCs). The app closeout and shutdown process for the most part is faster and smoother than earlier Windows versions IMO.:D Of course, like any version, if you install enough junk on there, it will eventually need to be cleaned up with AV, or CCleaner or something to remedy that.

Marc :shades:


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This seems to be happening less then it did when I first installed Windows 10.
For the most part shutdowns are much faster then they were in earlier versions of Windows that I've had.

I will take the time to write down what it is that isn't closing the next time I have it happen.

I have to add that if I wait long enough they do shut down eventually and let the computer turn off.
I'm usually just too impatient to wait for it.


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