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windows 7 oem. new parts in old box, mb, hdd, power supply, ram, running windows dvd boot from dvd. install halts on expanding files at 1-2% and requests the dvd that is already in the drive and will not recognize it. further twisting gets me 0003 and 0022 error codes which suggest upgrade errors. I have re-ordered boot priority in the bios from blank hdd to dvd with not much effect. any help?


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Try removing all but a single stick (module) of memory make sure it is in the proper slot according to your motherboard manual.
And or try another / different DVD drive if yours is an older model in the old box then it might be having laser issues.
Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the reply. I wondered about the older dvd drive. I will replace that first and give it a shot...

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Replaced older IDE dvd read/writer with new ($42) SATA dvd read/writer. Not only worked like a charm, but ran through setup about 8 times faster.


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Good to hear that you have been able to resolve your problem. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with the solution that worked for you.
Thanks for joining our community and we hope to continue to see you around the forum.

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