Office 2003 won't install on Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by dkperez, Nov 16, 2009.

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    I'm not sure where to put this, or where the problem actually is, so I'll put it here.........

    I just got off the phone with Microsoft customer support after one of those conversations that makes it abundantly clear why so many people utterly DESPISE Microsoft.

    I installed Windows 7 64-bit last night. Went fine. Today I attempted to install Office 2003 Professional. It keeps telling me my product key is not valid. I checked the product key on the cd bag. I ALSO checked the product key on the laptop that's running XP and ALSO has Office 2003 on it. The keys ARE THE SAME. Repeated attempts to install all failed with the install telling me the key isn't valid.

    SO, I called Microsoft. THEY validated the key and said "Yes, the key is valid. And YES, Windows 7 supports Office 2003. We DON'T KNOW WHY IT WON'T INSTALL BUT IF YOU'D LIKE TO TALK TO A TECHNICIAN IT'LL COST $49 FOR THEM TO TRY TO HELP YOU."

    Again, this is EXACTLY the same software that has been running on this machine for at LEAST FIVE YEARS. The ONLY change is installing Windows 7.

    So, as I understand it, MS won't installation support for THEIR PRODUCT, being installed on THEIR OPERATING SYSTEM, with what they admit is a VALID KEY...

    Is there something in Windows 7 that causes a problem with installing Office 2003?

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