Windows 7 Office 2007 problem


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Hi Gang

Having a problem using Office 2007, for my email. I am also using Att Yahoo mail. It will not let my new mail go to my Office 2007 mail. Has any one some tips on using Office 2007 on Widows 7.? It will go to my Yahoo mail but not office 2007 mail. I have the box checked to go to my Yahoo mail and to my Office 2007 mail.

I really like the new Windows 7, every thing except this seems to work great.

I have mail and Outlook works fine. They have same setup as Gmail to Outlook. Be sure that you define a new email account as POP3. Same POP port and SMTP port as Gmail. Use encrypted connect as SSL.
Office 2007

Thanx for the tip I think I figred out what I was doing wrong, a box or so not checked.