Office 97 on 64bit os?

Hi all
Just wondering, Can I install Office Word 97 on a 64 bit Win 7?
I am considering an upgrade to a new laptop, It will be Win 7 premium 64 bit
I own Office 97, and hope I will not have to purchase a new version as I like it.
Thanks in advance


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I have read, numerous times, that it gives numerous problems. But perhaps a member reading this thread is running it under Windows 7 64Bit and can state otherwise?

Joe S

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If you get Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate you're eligible for XP Mode and it might run there if it ran on XP.

It runs now well on Win7 Pro 32, Its just when I upgrade it will be to a 64 bit system
I really hope it can work on 64, as I dont want to have to fork out again for office

Joe S

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If you have a copy of XP that you can validate you can setup a virtual PC with VMware Player or Virtualbox both are free. I've got a XP VM setup for a few old apps that don't run on 64 bit. It sucks with the cost of the software that you can't use it when a new Windows OS comes out. Read up on installing in compatibility mode might help. 64 bit is really picky about properly signed drivers too.

Thankyou both for your advice
I really dont want to virtual, but appreciate the suggestion
I think I will just have to try install the software when I recieve the laptop, and hopefully it will function for me
I only use the suite for Word itself and Outlook, so I may be ok
If any other users have experiences with the software on a 64 bit system, I would be happy to read



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memory lapse!!
I have Office 97 installed on my wife's 64Bit (Ultimate) laptop. It works 100%

Thankyou so much
Fingers crossed it will work for me also


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No way! It will not run in Windows 7 64-bit. I tried it :)

Here is Microsoft’s official compatibility page for Microsoft Office 97:
Windows 7 Compatibility for Microsoft Office 97: Microsoft. Drivers, Updates, Downloads

Microsoft Office 97 is not compatible with Windows 7 64-bit. In fact, you will not even pass the installation process. You should use XP mode and hope it works there, but even then your best bet would be Office XP at a minimum. At the time of development, no one who was part of the development process of Office 97 could have ever imagined consumers trying to install the product on a 64-bit operating system years in the future. Generally, new operating system upgrades are developed to spur an entire new generation of technological innovation and software applications. While its very likely that Office 97 was tested under Windows 7, it is also very likely that mainstream support for legacy applications such as this one was abandoned. That is why it would be so important to use XP Mode.

I sympathize with your problem. In fact, I was intrigued by the idea. So much so, that I tried to install Office 97 for you, on a clean install of Windows 7. The screenshots document my results. The installer completely freezes when a legacy system file could not be found. The file in question is CTL3D32.DLL. Consequently, the installer freezes at 10%, when installing WZDT80.MDT.

CTL3D32.DLL was a Dynamic Link Library file that contained graphical user interface (GUI) features for previous Windows operating systems. Even if you could get the file off an older version of Windows, it very well could be the beginning of a string of errors in the installer.

You can try with XP Mode, but even during the release of Windows XP in October 2001, Microsoft was pushing Microsoft Office 2000, and of course Office XP. I believe you will save yourself much grief by simply getting the latest version of Office, if it is possible.

Below are some screenshots showing the attempted installation of Microsoft Office 97 on Windows 7 64-bit:


Thankyou so much,
I have decided when I updrade to 64bit, I will purchase a new Office package
I have flogged the life out of 97 anyhow, so maybe another 10 or so years from another suite is my best option
I appreciate the responses and advice

I've installed MANY Office 97 on Windows 7 - x64, so IT IS possible! The answer is the following:
It's written in italian, but shortly:


Download the English Office 97 Service Release 1 (SR-1) from Microsoft website []
Unpack the file sr1off97.exe (you can use 7-Zip)
Among the unpacked files there is "SR1Off97.exe", which has to be unpacked too.
Among the unpacked files there is setup.exe, which has to be copied over the original one.

Obviously: the original Office 97 files should initially be copied on a hard drive/flash pen.

Another tip: I tried to install Office 97 on 1 TB hard drive, but I had strange errors. I resized the C partition under 500 GB and all went OK!


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That seems ok.


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Thats from CNET and not Microsoft so I'd not be trusting the file.

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