Windows 7 Official Minimum Specs Thread


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In light of new information from Microsoft, here are the official minimum specifications for all versions of Windows 7.

CPU: 1 GHz+ 32 or 64-Bit processor
RAM: 1 GB for 32-Bit, 2 GB for 64-Bit
GPU: 128 MB DirectX 9, WDDM 1.0 Compatible Video Card
HDD: 15 GB for 32-Bit, 20 GB for 64-Bit

DVD Drive
DX9 Capable sound card
1024x768 or better capable screen
Keyboard + Mouse
An internet connection for updates and activation.
Ram is quite low nowadays

My daughter runs Vista with only 500 meg and it runs like a dog in trouble ! I think windows 7 would proberly fair better even with only 500 meg :)
Vista was the real resource hog .
"Vista was a real resource hog".

Though true to an extent.. It's not very hard to overcome this setback.. Especially with the price of RAM and HDD's these days.. I find Vista runs exceptionally well on an above average pc.. For example 4GB or more RAM, a decent HDD and an above average GPU for starters will get Vista screaming... ;)
well, interestingly i am running windows 7 absolutely smoothly, (some lags here nd there which i even have with XP), at this configuration:

Intel P4 1.8GHz
512 MB RAM
Intel 82845G/GL/GE something

i dont really dare to run any games on this, just web browsing..... but still it works on my pc! thts great!
minimum video specifications for aero features to work

What are the minimum video specifications for aero features to work
I believe it's a 128 MB or better DX9 compatible graphics card. I've heard of some cases in which a 64 MB card worked, however its unconfirmed as I don't have one to try.
I am running it on a P4 mobile 1.6 ghz machine, with 256 megs in RAM. I am suprised at how well it runs. It runs pretty smooth. Although when installing the RC it came up that I needed 512, then installed win 7 and removed the extra RAM had no errors. It runs well other than the low amount of video RAM.
i am running with
sempron 1.8
1Gb mem
32Mb ati 9200 mobile !!!!!!!!!! officialy unsupported but full working!!(no aero but who give a sh../)

So long Vista, rest in peace useless junk...
In light of new information from Microsoft, here are the official minimum specifications for all versions of Windows 7.

DVD Drive

Hmm. How specific of a drive... a DVD INTERNAL drive, or can Win7 be installed FROM an EXTERNAL/Portable DVD drive?

Hope it's a resounding YES :)
Windows 7 may run with these specs but I think people will be really disappointed if they do much more than surf and check email. I ran XP on my old PC 450 Pent II and 256 ram. If you tried doing anything memory intensive on it it was really really doggy. I slipstreamed XP and on the old beast it took over twice as long. It did serve a purpose for casual use and backups when my main pc was busy. I tested it with an external DVD drive and it did slowly burn a good disk. I think people with these low end PCs would be better off saving the money for a more up to date one. You start adding the cost of Windows ( retail price) then some ram and maybe a video card and you're heading close to the cost of a new lower end pc . Then when the pc is a few years old things like the monitor begin to die. If you're not gaming or doing memory intensive stuff what is the real sense in switching from XP to Windows 7. Then you run into finding drivers for old stuff. These are just my thoughts what was top of the line 4 or 5 years ago is pretty much the min now.