Old game not playing even in proper compatibility modes?

I have been want to play an old racing game for some time now (Driver By GT Interactive) but it wont load. It was deigned for Windows 98 and 95 and i am running 8.1. I manually found the install file and installed it along with Direct X 6 and Direct X Media. I set the compatibility mode and tried XP, 98, and 95 along with selecting the "run in 8bit color mode", "run in 640x480 resolution", and "disable display scaling on High DPI settings" along with combination there of. Do any of you know what to do? DO you think it could be the Direct X not installing correctly (I had to get a copy through oldversion website because it was telling me that it was unable to install when I tried it through the launch menu) or the game? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
I added at picture of all the screens i told you about and my current settings.


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I'm just guessing but the Direct X version that it used back then, and your video card drivers, probably aren't compatible with it.
My monitor can't even be set to 640 by 480 any more, the lowest possible setting is 1024 by 768.



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If you really want to play it I'd suggest grabbing a copy of Windows XP and make a VM with virtualbox and install in there.


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Even then I'm with Mike... a new card/ monitor just won't support the old DX rendors from that far back so you would need an old G-card.

fyi two of the new[er] driver games can be grabbed from gog
Driver®: Parallel Lines on GOG.com & Race Driver: GRID on GOG.com


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You could try a wrapper like DXGL or a color conversion program like DxWnd or D3DWindower.

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