Windows 10 One Drive-ing me out of my mind.


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Used Dropbox with zero issues for years. Syncs perfectly across any device, platform etc.

I got a very nice deal on Office 2016 Pro (10 bucks legit!) so that is my office suite.

I long ago signed up for One Drive but just never used it. I have 40GB free.

So... considering the tight integration between Win 10, Office 2016, Office365 and OneDrive I assumed, sure... time to start using OneDrive.

Well... not so much.

Almost every time I save a document, when I reopen it errors are reported. The doc is gone. I have to go through the stupendously non-intuitive process of "choose your version" etc.

Every time.

So... is it me?

Or is it just time to go back to my wee 5GB in Dropbox?

Thanks for any and all help!