Windows 7 One program needs to close ?


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Nov 3, 2011
Everytime I try to shut down windows I receive -

"One program needs to close
waiting for downloadmanage"
This program is preventing windows from shuting down.
I've left the computer running for a full day but this message persists
so it sounds like its stuck in a loop and I have to force close.
How can I found this "Download manage" to stop it running.

Thanks for any help.
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Just my luck. After 10 minutes after posting
my problem I seem to have resolved it.

Two days ago I download some free software I think from Google. This was download with "Zoom Downloader".
After the download I didn't think much to the software so deleted it......but it never deleted the Zoom Downloader.
It appears this was in a loop or something but I deleted it and all is OK again.
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