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I have been using Windows 8.1 desktop (Dell 8700) for a little more than 6 months. I am very happy with its performance. The computer is very fast. But here is one hitch. As all of you might know that the original SkkyDrive was converted into OneDrive during Microsoft auto-updating process. OneDrive is the one supposed to be used.

Right now, I see both SkyDrive and OneDrive folders in the computer (even in my Windows 7 computers). There is no SkyDrive in "Uninstall program". So I could not remove the SkyDrive folder. Just "delete" SkyDrive folder" does not work either. Because of this problem, I was not able to study how to use OneDrive.

What is interesting to me is that SkyDrive seems to be still active and OneDrive, dormant. For example, c:\Users\username\OneDrive\Pictures\Camera Roll\ is active. The Camera Roll folder in the SkyDrive shows all pictures taken today with iPhone. On the other hand, OneDrive\Cameral Roll folder has a few old pictures.

Could someone advise me how to get rid of the SkyDrive and force OneDrive as an active Cloud storage? Thanks.


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Please ignore the previous post. While tin tinkering this problem, I uninstalled OneDrive.. After rebooting, OneDrive was re-installed. Then, I found that SkyDrive folder was gone but I see OneDrive folder which conatains only line (desktop.ini"). I am still working on this. I hope the problem is solved during the night.


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I have not had that duplicate problem, so, guessing, I think it would be better if you worked through the Windows 8 charms bar.
Open the Charms bar and select settings, and then "Change PC settings"
Click "Onedrive" (over on the left) and first ensure you have the shown box ticked to "save docs by default"
Work down the other items, and select as you want for you personal use.


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1. Skydrive is onedrive… Microsoft changed the name on their commercials but the software protocol still calls itself skydrive.

2. You can't uninstall it, Microsoft says it is good for you so their official attitude is shut up and swallow it bitch!

3. You can ask it not to upload files from the charm bar but the process still runs in the background regardless of what you tell it to do in the charm bar.

4. You can remove it… the simplest way is to remove the executable from the Windows "trusted installer" account… there is an extensive post about it on this forum because several people (including myself) decided not to put up with it.

Also note that the Windows upgrade will detect that skydrive (onedrive) has been removed from a system and will replace it… without asking or even informing the user.


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The OP has solved the problem of Skydrive and it has, in his post, been deleted. As he says, he was aware that the name had been changed.
Deleting was a moot point, The change was made during an update. If the OP had already made a profile , and begun using onedrive, then he should have transferred all the items from skydrive to onedrive, and the deleted the skydrive directory. However, it is done now and I think he will find everything will work out ok
You can disable it, if you have no wish to use it, through the same "Charms" path. Microsoft are merely recommending, not forcing anything - it remains an option.
Many users, including myself, have third party hosting sites. For the capacity which MS provide for free, it is an option worth considering. I did, initially, uninstall it, but have since had second thoughts regarding the bottom line.

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