OneDrive folder not showing under drives


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Mar 11, 2023
Hi, is there a way to put my onedrive folder in the same area as Icould as per below:


Please try these ways:
  1. Check if OneDrive is installed: Make sure that the OneDrive desktop app is installed on your computer. If not, download and install it from the Microsoft website.
  2. Check OneDrive settings: Open the OneDrive app and click on the "Settings" button. Make sure that the option "Make OneDrive files available offline" is checked. If it is not checked, select it and click "OK".
  3. Check if OneDrive is syncing: Open the OneDrive app and check if it is syncing your files. If not, click on the "Sync" button to start the synchronization process.
  4. Check if the folder is hidden: Sometimes, the OneDrive folder may be hidden from view. To unhide it, open File Explorer, click on the "View" tab, and select "Hidden items".
  5. Check if the folder is in a different location: It's possible that the OneDrive folder was accidentally moved to a different location. Search for the folder in File Explorer using the search bar.
  6. Check if OneDrive is signed in: Make sure that you are signed in to the OneDrive app with the correct account. Click on the "Help & Settings" button in the OneDrive app, select "Account", and sign in with the correct credentials.

the part you hylighted is the quick access bar
any folder can be placed there by first opening it then pressing the pin icon