Richard Myers

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I do like using Onedrive as my preferred cloud storage.

Generally I think the default storage levels are reasonably generous and using the online versions of Word and Excel are more than enough for my requirements.

The two features I think it really lacks (and I may be wrong here) are the ability to generate links to display images in forums and some form of web based media player.

Just my thoughts...

You can display images....albeit a bit cumbersome via the "share with" attribute (direct link to said picture or eamil), but it can be done. Same way with Google "My Drive".

Richard Myers

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it's a shame the image cannot be embedded in a forum post.



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Since MS changes Skydrive to Onedrive, I don't use it anymore. I've switched to DropBox.

However, in Onedrive, if you upload something to Public folder, and then right click at it, there is an embed option.
You will have to "generate " a HTML code to embed the content.
I have no idea how to do it.
You might want to investigate it further. It might not do what you wanted.

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I suspect that Microsoft don't want to encourage using OneDrive as a public image hosting service, hence the 'share with' route they take.

Richard Myers

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That would make sense. Such a shame though as I do like to keep to a single service as much as I can for storage, email etc..

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