Microsoft Account Log In - Windows 11


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Sep 16, 2019
I cannot access my Microsoft account even though I updated my password a month ago and logged in successfully using it the same day. I'm being sent a form that wants the information that I used when I set up my account. It was included with this laptop and I upgraded to Office 365 and pay a monthly subscription fee for an increased Cloud capacity.

I can't provide the last four digits of my charge card since I used PayPal and that's not an option in the form.

What's easier? Creating a whole new account or continuing to have this online argument via New Form and still not being able to answer that same question. I just paid $1.99 a week ago and also paid $74 for a year of 365 which is about to renew.

Are there real people out there to help with this? Four times today I received the same reply with the same wording.

The Twilight Zone of Microsoft 365?

as for what to do... i'd toss office in the bin where it belongs unless your job actually "requires" office (xyz) its outdated and even Microsoft doesn't use it nowdays
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