OneNote 2007 notebook problem

I need help in 'fixing' a OneNote 2007 notebook that was migrated to OneNote2010 and it messed everything up. (Up to 6 copies of each page) I fixed it all myself on my local machine, but as soon as it "Sync'd" with OneDrive, it reverted to the corrupted copy. I'm happy to pay someone to help me, but I need to make sure that the person who answers fully understands OneNote 2007, OneNote 2010 AND OneDrive.


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we are all volunteers here so no need to pay.. :)

It sounds like the copy in the cloud is now carrying the corrupted copy and as long as you have a copy of everything stored nice and safe somewhere else I'd just delete the Onedrive folder and start again. This is only of course if you have a safe copy of whats in the cloud.

Step 1

Click the "File" tab above the OneNote ribbon. Select “Info” on the menu and click the "Open Backups" icon in the right panel of the Info section. The software opens Windows Explorer and displays the names of notebook backups stored on your computer. In detail view, this list also shows the date of the last backup for each notebook.

Step 2

Place your cursor on the name of the notebook that you want to restore and click "Open" in the dialog box to choose the entire notebook. After OneNote retrieves the notebook and its sections, you will see the notebook’s name in the OneNote sidebar.

Step 3

Restore a section within a notebook by clicking on the name of the folder that contains the section that you want to restore. After the folder opens, scroll through the list of section names to find the one you need. Highlight the section name before you press "Open" in the dialog box. OneNote places the section in its original notebook. To restore several sections, hold the "CTRL" key and highlight each section name to add it to your selections.

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