Online Banking - PC vs. Laptop vs. iPad 2 or 3 vs. Macbook?

* I'm using adsl2+ directly connected to the laptop or pc by ethernet cable. i don't plan on using wi-fi

1. Out of those, which is best suited for online banking? Basically which had the least and which will provide more protection for banking online?

2. If i buy an laptop or pc from the computer retailer,

a) Is it best to buy pc system that comes from the store or buy separate parts?
I mean if i buy a pc system from here: Orange IT - Desktop PC system » Desktop Computer » HP Pro 3300 SFF i3-2100 4G 1T Win 7 Pro

How do i know that system will be safe?

3. How secure is the laptops you buy from a computer retailer such as MSY?

MSY Online
MSY Online
MSY Online

4. If i choose to buy a laptop, do i need to format the laptops hdd and reinstall windows just to be safe?


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In terms of security, IMO, you cannot beat a properly secured PC - if for no other reason than notebooks and Ipads and smart phones often grow legs and disappear.

However, in ALL cases, the USER is responsible for security, not the machine. So if you buy from a reputable dealer, or build the machine yourself, you must ensure your system is fully updated, patched, scanned with a real-time anti-malware solution and blocked with a properly setup firewall.

Technically, for now, the MacBook may be a bit more secure, but only because there are not many MacBook users so there is little incentive for badguys to focus on them. But, that is changing.

If you buy a notebook, you do not need to reformat and reinstall. But again, you do need to setup your security after you get it.

I do recommend Windows 7 64-bit as it is more secure than the 32-bit version and Windows 7 itself is more secure than previous versions of Windows. I use and recommend Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) and Windows 7 integrated firewall is excellent. And of course, you must keep Windows updated and you need to avoid risky behavior such as visiting illegal porn or gambling sites, or participating in illegal filesharing of tunes and videos via torrents or P2P sites.

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